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Welcome to the Cosmetics Chef

“Crafted Beauty, Naturally”

The Cosmetics Chef is essentially about enabling everyone to craft their own beauty products using natural and organic products.

Learn to make your own cosmetics using household ingredients from a professional cosmetic chemist. While the recipes have been especially formulated for the Thermomix, they can all be adapted to ordinary cooking utensils already in your home.



 Craft your own cosmetics in your kitchen.

The ingredients used in most of the recipes are everyday ingredients you can find in your grocery store of health shop.
There are recipes that are more sophisticated and require more specialised ingredients.

Let the Cosmetic Cooking Begin...

With the help of this book you will be able to create 50 amazing, economical natural and organic beauty and household products.
Learn how to make everything from cleansers, scrubs, creams and lotions to dog shampoo.

who is conny

Who is Conny?

Conny is a professional, qualified cosmetic chemist and also holds a degree in marketing management. She has been in the cosmetic industry since 1996 where she started work in a cosmetics factory in Johannesburg.

Since 2009 she owns her own consulting company which specializes in formulation development of natural and organic cosmetics. She has assisted many new brands and multinationals to take a product idea to product launch.

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