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Ingredient Listing

You’ve just bought the most amazing cream ever. At least that’s what the marketing led you to believe. It claimed enriched with vitamins and lots of other wonderful natural ingredients. So now you are at home with some more time than in the store and you read the label more carefully and you can’t find the amazing ingredients listed, so you read more….and oh, wait…..there…

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are produced by plants and many people know about the incredible benefits of the different oils. From aromatherapy massages, bath soaks cream and essential oil diffusers they are used in so many ways. Everyone has their favorite oil and one of mine is definitely Neroli Oil. Have you ever wondered just how much plant material is needed to make the one bottle you…

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Preservative – Why do we need them?

This is one of the most controversial ingredient classes in cosmetics. Mention preservatives and most people think of parabens or at least those that know a little bit. Honestly, most people fear the word parabens but don’t actually know what exactly they are. Let’s start with the basics before we get through the paraben minefield. A preservative is an ingredient that prevents a product from…

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Parabens and Breast Cancer – link or no link?

This is a huge topic and I hope to give you the complete story in the shortest way possible. This is probably still one of the most vilified ingredients in cosmetics. Parabens were first brought to the mainstream consumer attention in 2004, and still, in 2018 there is so much misinformation about them. If you want to have a skim over the article, I have…

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Natural or Not
The Cosmetics Chef

Natural or Not

There is a big debate about natural or not natural cosmetics. This is something that I am very passionate about. I specialize in formulating natural and organic products. I also strongly believe in living a green and eco-friendly life, but I also believe in balance. I get concerned when people swing to extremes either way. The marketing tactic of natural product makers is often extreme.…

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Cosmetics Absorbing Into Blood

Cosmetics going into the bloodstream 60% of what you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream. It takes 26 seconds for your cosmetic product to get into your bloodstream. I’m sure you’ve seen those claims. Want to know the truth? They are absolute rubbish! If a brand starts by telling you that, you better run and find another brand. They haven’t researched their info…

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Chemical Free Dare To know

Chemical-free dare to know   In line with the naturals trend, the words chemical free have been popping up. Do you really know what that means? Every Scientist shudders when they hear chemical free. That is just not possible. Humans are a mix of chemicals, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen – we are a chemical cocktail. As is every living and even non-living thing. All things…

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The Cosmetics Chef: How to make your own serum!
The cosmetics chef logo

The Cosmetics Chef: How to make your own serum!

How to make your own serum! I recently had the pleasure of attending a “Make your own serum” session with Conny Oberrauter from the Cosmetics Chef. Yes, you read correctly….we were going to make our own serum! That’s only possible because Conny is a qualified Cosmetics Chemist (you know one of those Lab Rats that formulates organic cosmetics?). Not only that, Conny comes with a…

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The Five Rs of Recycling

The Five R's of Recycling   18 March 2018 is the first Global Recycling Day. The initiative launched at the 2015 World Recycling Convention by Ranjit S. Baxi, president of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). The date is symbolic as it marks the 70th birthday of BIR. We only have one Earth, and with the global population already nearing 8 billion we are already…

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2017 Top summary review

2017 Top summary review   As we finish the first month of 2018 we take one last look at the top sales from the last year. The first is a look at the top selling fragrances in 2017, then we look at the top skin and hair claims that were bought during the year.   Valentines is just around the corner, so if you are…

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