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Skin Bio Part 2

There is so much more information on the anatomy and biology of the skin, but I want to highlight why it is important from a cosmetics point of view. The skin’s natural pH is around 5.5. Thanks to an advertising campaign and brand name of one of the multinationals, most people know this, but that is where the understanding and knowledge ends. Why does it…


Skin Bio Part 1

  Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It can be up to two square metres in extent. It covers our entire body and is responsible for protection. Further functions include: Regulating body temperature Decreasing water and bodily fluids loss (to prevent dehydration) Containing our sensory receptors (nerves) Synthesising biochemicals (for example synthesis of Vitamin D) Excreting waste and toxins (sweating) The thickness…

What does Freedom mean to you?
April Freedom month

What does Freedom mean to you?

We all associate freedom with some political context, but what about a personal context? We have freedom of choice. Choice of whatever we want in whatever way. We can choose who we want to be friends with, what we wear, how we do our make-up and where we go. Those are some simple examples of freedom that we take for granted. It’s always been like…


A – Z ingredients

A is for Alcohol. Not the kind of ABC you usually think of. Alcohol is often used in products to help them disappear quickly and not leave a film on the skin or hair. It is a great way to deliver actives onto the skin and then not leave anything else. It can also be a natural preservative, but it needs to be used in…


Why is self-love important?

We all hear about self-love and that it is important. Most of the time we nod our heads, or shake our heads, and just carry on about our day. We don’t really stop and think about just how important this really is. I personally have huge issues around self-love. I think most women today share my pain with this. We are so hard on ourselves…


Skin Care Concerns

Do you have a particular skin care concern that you feel is not getting sorted out by your current products? Are you tired of trying to find the right product on the shelf? Are you sick of paying a fortune for quality products? Why do some products work while others don’t?   I will try to answer all of those questions, and if you have…


Essential Oils for self-love

Essential oils have so many amazing benefits. Mostly we think of the actual skin benefits and not the mental benefits. There are many studies that show the benefits essential oils have when inhaled. Our sense of smell can trigger emotional responses. Think of when you smell something familiar and it immediately triggers a memory and emotion. This has to do with the olfactory bulb. The…

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Palm oil is not the worst

Everyone is up in arms and the “Boycott Palm Oil’ posts are being shared faster than a flu virus. This is so typical of our social media boycotts. Everyone gets into a tizz, shares everything to show that they stand by the cause, point fingers at those that don’t share or do anything….and then…. less than a week later everything is forgotten. Life carries on.…

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The Good, the Bad and The Ugly of Palm Oil

As the story goes, give me the good news first. What is good about palm oil and why is it used? It is the cheapest of all vegetable oils. So when price wars started and supermarkets and consumers did not want to pay higher for other oils, palm oil started getting used. Cooking oil is probably one of those that uses the most. Palm oil…

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Truth about Vegan Beauty
The cosmetics chef

Truth about Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty is a hot trend at the moment. Whether or not the buyers are actually living a Vegan lifestyle, the demand for vegan beauty is growing. I think one of the main reasons is that consumers want cruelty free beauty and this is immediately associated with vegan claims. So what is vegan and what isn’t vegan in terms of beauty? You may be surprised…

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