Cosmetics Absorbing Into Blood

Cosmetics Absorbing Into Blood

Cosmetics going into the bloodstream

60% of what you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream. It takes 26 seconds for your cosmetic product to get into your bloodstream.

I’m sure you’ve seen those claims. Want to know the truth? They are absolute rubbish! If a brand starts by telling you that, you better run and find another brand. They haven’t researched their info at all and are happy to spread false information. If they are happy to tell you lies in their marketing what else will they do and can you trust the brand?

So the truth about cosmetics is that they don’t enter the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the explanation includes science and biology and this is why most people don’t bother reading further. You need to understand how the skin works before you can start making claims like that.

Cosmetics only work in the epidermis. That is uppermost layer in the skin. This layer does not contain any blood vessels. It is really difficult to make a product that goes deeper into the skin. Our skin is an amazing organ that has almost superhero powers in protecting our insides. Any product that starts going deeper into the skin needs to be registered as a medicine, and you can’t just buy the ingredients to make something like that easily either.

Cosmetics are also all about improving the appearance of the skin. In order to do this effectively, it needs to stay on the skin, not disappear into the skin. Think of it another way, people often complain that cosmetics don’t work and the minute you stop using them the effect disappears. Would this be possible if it was going into your blood and changing your body? No, they are only meant to have a temporary effect. If a cosmetic does make permanent changes to skin it once again needs to be registered as a medicine.

The story of make-up also being toxic and poisoning your blood is also not true. Make-up is also meant to stay on the absolute top layer of your skin. If it was absorbed you wouldn’t see it anymore, and what the point be of wearing any make-up?

If your skin was that delicate that it allowed anything in, then why don’t you come out like a puffy sponge when you get out the bath? Or why don’t surfers have high salt issues if they are in seawater all the time, surely their skin would absorb the salt and they would have serious health issues.

When you see those scare tactics again, read or watch closely. How much are they just stating stuff versus showing any scientifically based evidence into the claim they are making. I’m trying to keep a very complex topic simple and maybe oversimplifying the case, but even if you don’t understand the full science, just think about simple daily examples where your skin protects you.

The bottom line is that you must be free to choose what you want to use, whatever your reasons for not wanting to use a particular product or ingredient, let the choice be yours and let your decisions be based on the truth. Don’t be misled into buying something or make decisions on your beauty based on myths.

Here is a great video I found that gives a great explanation:

Or an article which goes into much more detail about debunking some of these myths:

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