Detox Mustard Bath Soak

Detox Mustard Bath Soak

If your festive season was anything like mine a detox is in order. I know that our livers are amazing at detoxing and most doctors say that the whole detox craze actually doesn’t benefit us, but it certainly makes me feel so much better. I think it is more of a psychological thing like I am making the switch from indulgence to healthy eating again. The first step of admitting that I overdid it. Even if the cake is still tempting me, there is one super easy way to kick-start a healthy mindset. All it takes is your normal daily bath routine.

If you are in Cape Town, try this as a hand and foot soak and treat yourself to an at-home spa mani and pedi. The effects of this will be just as beneficial when used as a foot soak.


Detox Mustard Bath Soak


¼ cup mustard seed powder

½ cup Epsom salts

¼ cup Himalayan crystal salt

1 tbsp. ginger powder

1 tbsp. cinnamon


Mix everything together and then add as much as you’d like to the bath for a relaxing and detoxing bath.

Epsom salts are always praised as a great bath tonic for tired and achy muscles. There are debates about whether it really works or not. It is rich in magnesium which is the mineral that is needed for muscle recovery. Does it work topically? I am not sure, all I do know is that it does make your skin feel amazing, and that will make you feel better already.

You can use normal salt for this, I prefer to use Himalayan crystal salt as it does have extra minerals and the color makes it look so pretty. Little pink crystals with the yellow and brown of the mustard and cinnamon. Using the different colors helps to stimulate all the senses. I believe that when you stimulate all your senses like this it is easier to relax and enjoy the time out while you are in the bath.

Mustard has been known to stimulate the sweat glands, opening the pores and helps the body rid itself of toxins. Mustard baths have been around for centuries and it still very popular today. The addition of the ginger and cinnamon helps with stimulating the circulation.

There are quite a few different essential oils that you can use to stimulate your circulation if you are not crazy about ginger. Replace the ginger with any of the following: grapefruit oil (helps with the lymphatic system as well which is great for detoxing), mandarin, rose and rosemary.


Get 2018 off to a great start.

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