Essential Oils for self-love

Essential Oils for self-love

Essential oils have so many amazing benefits. Mostly we think of the actual skin benefits and not the mental benefits. There are many studies that show the benefits essential oils have when inhaled. Our sense of smell can trigger emotional responses. Think of when you smell something familiar and it immediately triggers a memory and emotion. This has to do with the olfactory bulb.

The olfactory bulb is basically the centers if smell in the brain. This is linked to two brains areas that are strongly linked to emotion (amygdala) and memory (hippocampus).

I did some research and wanted to find if there are any essential oils that help with self-love the same way that there are oils to assist anxiety and depression. Guess what, there are! Here are the top essential oils that help with self-love:

  • Bergamot – light and sweet citrusy scent, and is gently calming and uplifting. It is also used to treat depression, stress and tension.
  • Ylang-Ylang – warm floral scent, and is often used to help relieve nervousness, tension, and restlessness. It’s also really helpful for balancing emotions, creating connections with others, and can even be helpful for PMS symptoms.
  • Jasmine – warm romantic and floral scent, jasmine is helpful for promoting relaxation as it is soothing and calming.
  • Rose – promotes relaxation and can assist with circulation.
  • Sandalwood – warm and spicy scent that helps to boost clarity and memory while also being calming. It’s excellent for use during meditation, as well as helps to enhance mood and promote grounding.


You could use these in your skin care products, blended into massage oils or in an oil burner. Try playing with different combinations and see how they make you feel. I firmly believe that the essential oil you need most at the time is the one that you will be drawn to.

I personally don’t like ylang-ylang, so I will give that one a miss. I will try a rose, bergamot and sandalwood blend. I love those three oils on their own. I’m curious to see how they work together. I will start by trying it in an oil burner.

Let me know which combinations you will be trying.

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