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BBAC Session Downloads

Get instant download access to the Beauty Business Activator Challenge and all the Secret Training Sessions before the counter reaches ZERO

After the counter reaches zero, access will be gone forever.

I usually charge $35 per short course training that I offer. You are getting 6 Sessions in total that were part of BBAC. That's a total value of $210! 

I am only giving you this opportunity once, until the timer expires! Then it will be gone forever.

What's in the 6 sessions?

If you took part in the BBAC you will already agree that $4 for all that intense and valuable training plus access to the downloads and secret training, and all the bonuses is a steal!

If you missed the sessions, check the Facebook group for the insane feedback and power moments that we had!

Session 1 - $35

Top mistakes businesses make

#1 sales tip

Secrets of Success

Session 1 - Secret Training - $35

It was amazing - this secret training was not uploaded as a recording before. 

Session 2 - $35

Types of beauty business

Creating your product

Market Research

Session 2 - Secret Training - $35

Another insightful training - this secret training was not uploaded as a recording before. 

Session 3 - $35

Planning your launch

Marketing to increase sales

Building for investment

Session 4 - Bonus LIVE Q&A - $35

Bonus session for Q&A - includes a bonus training session

Here is what you will get:

Download Each Sessions recording
The Blueprint workbook
Watch each and every session as often as you want to, whenever you want to 
Get onto my priority list and be part of future special invites
Access to additional Q&A opportunities related to the challenge and content
Bonus Live Q&A included - with Bonus training 
BONUS - Including Secret Training - this was not on the recording links sent after the sessions
BONUS - PDF downloads for each sessions presentation 

This is what some of the attendees said about BBAC

Do I have to download the sessions?

Question One

No, you will be enrolled in the BBAC platform, which is online. You can access and download the entire BBAC and make sure you don't miss anything.

You can download it to have it on your laptop whenever you want to access it.

Downloading it makes it easier for you to always have access to it, and not need to go online to access.

Does it include the Secret Training? 

Question Two

Yes, the recordings are the full session 

Session 1 and Session 2 each had a secret training - you will have full access to the secret training.

The Bonus Live Q&A also had a bonus training session, which was an answer to a question, this recording is also available to download or simply view online.

Can I get the slides from each session?

Question 3

The slide presentation for each session will be available as a PDF download.

This includes the extra slides for the Secret Training!

Can I ask you questions after I've watched the sessions?

Question Four


Each session has it's own lesson on the BBAC platform page. You can comment on these pages and ask your questions on the platform page.

Why are  you charging for this access?

Question 5

$4 is not going to make anyone rich, so it is not about the money. I am charging because I want to give this opportunity to those who are serious about their beauty business, and who are not yet ready to be part of The Club.

I will also add you to my priority list for future special invites.

Once off payment $4

Unlock all the sessions for you to keep for as long as you wish.

It's a simple download away.

Less than the cost of 2 cappuccinos ☕️☕️

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