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  • Ingredient List Training short course
  • Basic Stability Testing short course
Both Courses are important to meet your legal requirements for selling any cosmetic product.

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Ingredient List Training 

Learn how to put together your own ingredient list, the correct and legal way.

It is a global legal requirement for any cosmetic product that is sold to include a correct ingredient listing on the label.

This ensures product safety and transparency.

There is a specific and correct format to compile the listing, including adding Fragrance and Essential oils allergens.

This short course covers everything you need to know.

Basic Stability Testing Training

Stability testing is required to determine shelf life.

When you know your shelf life you can plan your manufacturing and batch sizes further in advance. It will make it easier to grow your sales and calculate your capacity.

This training includes the full professional industry standard on how to complete stability testing.

As a start up yo may not have the facilities to do the full industry standard, the training includes quick and simple hacks for you to complete the basic stability test from home.

These 2 courses are the perfect additions to The BBAC Sessions 

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