Introducing The Cosmetics Chef

Introducing The Cosmetics Chef


Introducing The Cosmetics Chef

Introducing The Cosmetics Chef

I recently came across the Cosmetics Chef and just love the idea of being able to make your own, inexpensive cosmetics at home! Yes, it takes some time and not everyone will be keen to adopt the idea but I do believe there is merit in it and your wallet will thank you too!

Conny Oberrauter is the brain behind this idea and so, I decided to interview her to find out how this all came about:

The birth of The Cosmetics Chef

I have been in Cosmetic Research and Development for over 20 years now and I have learned so much over the years. I am a Cosmetic Chemist and one of the things I have found is that often the theory does not work in practice. Research is wonderful but, to get it right and understand, I like to play in my lab with different formulations and have always tried to keep the formulations as simple as possible.

I bought myself a Thermomix last year. If you haven’t heard of a Thermomix, it is the most amazing kitchen appliance. It replaces tons of other equipment and can do so many things. As this isn’t about the Thermomix, I suggest a quick google to get an idea of what it is.

When I first got my Thermomix (TM) I was in the kitchen at every chance playing with recipes: baking, steaming, cooking, chopping… you name it, I tried it. Then one of my friends asked if cosmetics could be made in the TM. My initial reaction was, no, they can’t. To do that you need a lab and tons of sophisticated equipment. You can’t just make cosmetics in your kitchen. I think I almost rolled my eyes.

But, as I got more familiar with my TM over the next few months, I started appreciating how sophisticated the TM really is. Then I realized that of course, you can make cosmetics in it. I’ve always loved the simpler way, and nothing could be simpler than crafting your own cosmetics in your kitchen. Not all the recipes need a TM, and for those using a TM, I have done conversions for all of them using a simple hand blender.

So the journey started.

Home-made naturals compared to store-bought


First, at home, you know for sure that it is all natural and you aren’t adding ingredients that claim to be natural but aren’t.

Second, much, much, much cheaper. A really good top kind of 100% natural and organic body butter can cost as much as R 300 for 250g, you can make it at home, same quality for around R 30! Yes, that’s not a typo.

You may not get all the varieties that you would in a store because you won’t be able to get as many different ingredients, but that doesn’t make it lower quality, or less beneficial for the skin.

It’s not rocket science, it’s cosmetic science 

I love keeping things super simple, so anyone that can read my recipes can make them at home. There are some requirements, like ideally a scale, stove, hand blender, but I also created lots of hand mix recipes using teaspoon measurements. So really, anyone can make it. There are even some fun recipes for kids to make.


I’m working on new recipes all the time, so if anyone has any crazy ideas or even normal ideas let me know.

The shelf life of homemade products

This is largely dependent on how they are made. Some of my first ones I made 9 months ago are still perfect. But then I have made my recipes thinking about all of that.

Then there are the food based recipes, like an avocado hair mask, should be used within a day or so as the avo. starts to go off.


Why not give one of her recipes a try?

Volcanic Detox Mask

  • 1 tsp charcoal powder
  • 4 disprins
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • few drops lemon juice


Break the disprins up and mash into powder. The back of a teaspoon works well.
Add other dry ingredients and mix together.
Add a few drops of lemon juice. I prefer to squeeze fresh lemon, but lemon juice works just
as well.
It will start fizzing and bubbling, just like a volcano about to explode.
Apply the mask onto clean skin, leave on for 10 – 15 min.
Use gentle circular massages to remove the mask with warm water. This helps exfoliate the
This mask can be used 1 x week.

If you would like more recipes or to know more about The Cosmetics Chef

Please share your own recipes or let me know if you made this at home and what you thought of it?

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