Key industry trends in 2018

Key industry trends in 2018

Key industry trends in 2018


Here is a behind the scenes glimpse for you in the research and development plans for cosmetic brands. One of the key steps in knowing what to start working on is to keep an eye on global trends. Some of the products you will probably see on the shelves later this year will probably fall within one or more of these trend categories.

The difficult decisions were already made at least a year ago so that the products can be launched later this year. Once you get the idea the hard work of creating the formulation, packaging, artwork etc. starts. Then it still has to get manufactured, and distributed. All of this takes a long time and the average new product development time frame is around 18 – 24 months. Possibly a lot longer than you may have thought?


Here are 10 of the key trends:

  1. Dirt

Yes, you read that right. Dirt is big. I’m talking about natural clays and charcoal. This trend is growing and different clays are going to be played with.

Try the charcoal volcanic face mask.

  1. Instant

Just add water kind of instant. Expect to see powder-based products where you just need to add some water to make it work. There are a few products like this already around, expect to see more and different types.

There is an amazing facial polish powder recipe in the book, on page 48.

  1. Oil

Beauty oils are getting more popular as people start to understand the benefits of oils. Facial oils, body oils, cleansing oils are all growing. More brands are expanding their product range with oils and not so many cream bases.

Anti-aging skin serum using Rosehip oil and Frankincense essential oil, this recipe is on page 54.

  1. Protection

Anything that protects the skin is sought after. Prevention is better than cure after all. SPF products, Anti-Pollution and after sun care products fall in this category. For SPF products there is a demand to move to more natural products that offer the same protection. Multi-functional products are also demanded. SPF with anti-pollution or other caring benefits.

If you only use one beauty product, make sure it is a sunscreen. The sunscreen song from the ’90s was spot on.

  1. Masks

Asia is leading the market with their mask offers. They started the multi-masking trend of using different types of masks for different areas of your face. Now there is a focus on the different textures and applications like sheet masks and what they can offer. Natural and soothing type all the way to surgery-like results are coming out.

Different textures are really easy when you start playing with food, like pineapples in the Pineapple Oatmeal Enzyme Mask (pg 44).

  1. Eternal naturals

I remember naturals being touted as the new trend about 15 years ago, it is still here and it is still a trend. Brands are expected to have a natural range as well as their standard ranges so that consumers can choose. New ingredients are marketed and the exotic story of how or where the ingredient comes from drives the marketing angle.

  1. DIY Beauty

As the demand for naturals grows so does the awareness of what goes into products. Consumers want more transparency about ingredients and through this are exploring more with making their own.

For 50 salon quality and fabulous recipes, click here to buy the book.

  1. Male grooming

David Beckham has just announced his new range House 99 in collaboration with L’Oreal, need I say more?

  1. Microbiome

This refers to the different microbes that live on the surface of our skin. The food industry has focused on this for a long time with probiotic type products and other types that promote gut health. There is now the focus on keeping the skin healthy by protecting the natural microbiome on it.

  1. Site-specific beauty

Possibly a cross over from the multi-tasking trend but more focused on using patches for specific concerns or sheet masks. New technologies to make biodegradable patches and different textures for sheet masks.

Have you seen any of the new launches in the stores already? Do you have any questions about something new you saw? Feel free to send an email or message on any of the social media links.

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