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Enlighten Eye Gel


Enlighten Eye Gel


Kit contents:
Serum bottle
Extra bottle to keep the extra that is made with the recipe (3 refills of the gel container)
Cellulose gum

The magic ingredients:
FlowActive – helps to decreased dark circles and eye bags
AlgaeActive – helps to energise the skin and improve complexion
Click here for more information on these actives: FlowActive or AlgaeActive

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Are you looking more like a Panda than the you should? Time to get rid of those dark circles with this Enlighten Eye Gel.
If this eye gel were made for a beauty brand and sold in the shops, it would retail for at least R 600 and above.
The actives make all the difference, and by making it yourself, you can add the real amount needed to work magic.
This kit has everything you need including a beautiful serum bottle and label.
All the ingredients are pre-weighed and you get the recipe with the kit.

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