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Even Tone Gel


Even Tone Gel



Serum bottle (blue bottle)
Extra bottle for refill amount
Vitamin B3
Algae Active
Cellulose Gum

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Are you tired of taking ages to apply your make up, just to give the illusion of a perfect and even looking skin?
One of the biggest culprits with pigmentation is UV damage and often hormonal changes in the body.
The good news is, it can be treated, and it can be treated gently without damaging the skin further.
First step! Make sure you wear a sunscreen every day to prevent further damage. This is the only way you will make any difference.
Then start treating the skin with natural actives that help to break down the existing marks and give you a radiant skin.

When you start, take a picture of a particular area you are concerned about. Then take progress shots every week (same day every week) and you will start to see the changes. We get so used to our own appearance that often we don’t even see the skin improving, pictures don’t lie!

This even tone gel kit comes with everything you need to make a light gel that you can use twice a day for best results.
Make sure you use a sunscreen in the day, even if you are only going outside to get to your car and drive to work. That little bit of sun is enough to cause damage over time.

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