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Portrait Perfection Serum


Portrait Perfection Serum



Serum bottle (blue bottle)
Extra bottle for refill amount
Vitamin B3
Firm Active
Rice Active
Algae Active
SensOil Light
Easymulse Light
Xanthan Gum
Rose Oil


Is your neck giving away your age? Does it feel like you need to iron out some wrinkles that appeared over night?

Our neck and décolletage area are often neglected and overlooked, but they are the first to give away our age. Not only do we not treat it but often we don’t even put make or sunscreen on to protect it.

The Portrait Perfection serum is your answer. It is super rich in firming actives to really give your sagging a skin a good lift and workout. This serum can also be used on your face as well as neck and décolletage.

It also contains Vitamin B3 to help with anti-ageing and evening the skin tone. Also adds moisture to the skin so that you don’t get left feeling dry.

The kit contains everything you need, pre-weighed and ready to mix. Following the recipe and you are one step away from a tight and flawless portrait.

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