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Rejuvenating Day Cream


Rejuvenating Day Cream


Kit contents:
Bottle with a pump
Easymulse Light emulsifier
SensOil Light emollient
SensOil MCT
Xanthan gum
Vitamin B3
Avocado oil
Coconut Oil
Rose Geranium Oil

The magic ingredient:
Click here for more info on RiceActive or AlgaeActive




Is everyone asking you why you are so tired? Is your skin showing how stressed you are? Time to rejuvenate and get your skin looking fresh and radiant again. Next time you’ll be asked if you’ve just been on holiday!
This lotion has a light feel, so it’s perfect to use during the day and still layer your sunscreen and foundation over it. Or it can be used at night as well.

It includes Vitamin B3 which has so many skin benefits including anti-ageing, even skin tone and even works on problematic skin. Avocado and coconut oil give moisture and nourishment.
The magic ingredients in this cream are RiceActive and AlgaeActive. Click here for more detailed info on what each one does. Together they work synergistically to improve skin radiance, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, improve your skin tone and revitalizes your skin.

The active makes all the difference, and by making it yourself, you can add the real amount needed to work like it should. If this exact cream were sold under a brand name, it would probably sell for around R 750 or more for the same amount you are making.
This kit has everything you need including a pump and label.
All the ingredients are pre-weighed and you get the recipe with the kit.


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