Avocado Hair Mask


  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 20g Olive Oil
  • 20g Honey
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice
  • 3 drops Rosemary Oil


  • Put everything in a blender, and mix well.
  • Pack in a jar and refrigerate until use

Side note:

  • When avocado is not in season you can use bananas
  • If you are vegan you can replace the honey with some sugar in water. The honey adds moisturizing, but so will sugar.
  • This is a great way to use up avocados that may be overripe and not tasty to eat anymore
  • Apply to hair, leave for 20-30 minutes, then wash and style your hair as usual
  • If you have very thick and long hair, it may be easier to apply the mask to wet hair, it will spread over the hair easier

This recipe comes from The Cosmetics Chef Crafting Cosmetics in your Kitchen recipe book.

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