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Water phase:
375g Water
1 bar soap (approx 150g), grated or cut into small pieces

Oil phase:
50g Coconut Oil
50g Canola Oil
50g Shea butter

Final phase:
2 tsp Preserver
5 drops Essential oil

*Spraying alcohol* to remove air bubbles


• Add soap bar pieces into blender to make a powder. You can also finely grate it if you’d prefer. Take care with the fine soap powder, it can irritate if you inhale and will make you sneeze
• Place hot water and soap powder in a pot on the stove and heat to 80 C while stirring. You need to melt the soap into the water. Once everything is melted you can set the mixture aside. You may need to use a blender to mix it together evenly.
• Spray with spraying alcohol to burst the soap bubbles that have formed
• Place soap mix aside, into a heat stable bowl or jug to cool to 40 C, just before it sets
• In another saucepan, add coconut oil, canola oil and shea butter. Melt together over low heat. The mixture should not go above 45 C. The butters will melt easily. Set aside to cool.
• When oil and soap mix are at 40 C blend together
• Add soap mix to oil with a blender. Whip it up into a mousse texture.
• Add preserver and essential oil.
• Pack into jars and leave to set
• Apply with a brush

Side notes:

• This makes a traditional shaving cream which needs to be applied with a brush. Great for gift ideas for Fathers Day. Buy a beautiful wooden brush and wrap your jar with some string
• This will not foam, the extra oils help condition the skin and will work great for sensitive skin
• It is important to blend the two phases at close to 40 C, this is just before either sets. Mixing it at this point ensures that it will set into a thick cream
• If you mixed together too hot or too cold, it may not set properly. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work, just adapt your packaging

Shaving cream
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