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Whether you are taking part in Movember and only need this for a few weeks, or if you proudly show your beard all year long, this super easy recipe will keep your beard in top condition.


75g Coconut Oil
25g Shea Butter
15g Cocoa Butter
5 drops Tea Tree Oil
5 drops Cedar Wood oil



Using a heat resistance glass jug, like a pyrex one, add all the ingredients. Heat gently over low heat to melt the oils and butter.

When melted, pour into a small jar, preferable also glass. If you are using plastic, allow it to cool slightly before pouring it.

You can make a double boiler as well, like you would use to melt chocolate over the stove.

Coconut oil is used as the base as it penetrates quickly and doesn’t leave a heavy oily feel. Shea butter is magic for any hair, and facial hair is no exception. It helps to soften and moisturize your beard. Cocoa butter gives a better consistency and also helps to nourish your beard.

You can use any essential oils you like. I chose Tea Tree and Cedar because they have a great smell that is more suited for a masculine product. They also have amazing benefits too though apart from the smell.

Tea Tree oil helps as an anti-inflammatory and may soothe an itchy beard. Plus it is a great as a general tonic for any skin infections.


Vegan Beard Balm
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