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Skin Care Concerns

Skin Care Concerns

Do you have a particular skin care concern that you feel is not getting sorted out by your current products?

Are you tired of trying to find the right product on the shelf?

Are you sick of paying a fortune for quality products?

Why do some products work while others don’t?


I will try to answer all of those questions, and if you have any more questions about this, please contact me and let’s getting chatting.


Firstly, we all have some kind of skin care concern. Whether it’s about deep cleansing, detoxing, firming, dark circles, sensitive, itchy, pigmentation, sun damage, crow’s feet, sagging jawline, dryness, oiliness, acne….the list goes on.

There are no magic cure-all products on the market. That is not possible. There are some incredible ingredients that work on various issues. One of my favorites is Vitamin B 3. This is a miracle little vitamin. It can help with acne, anti-aging, pigmentation, and moisturizing. It is used extensively in skin care. Often though, it doesn’t work because too little is added to the product. For it to be effective you need at least 5%. I think few brands are adding that much. So it gets the bad rap and people think it doesn’t work.


Mostly, other products will be designed for a specific treatment. Different skin care concerns stem from different issues. So it is easier to tackle one issue at a time.

One of my big issues is pigmentation. I got it from using the pill and any sun exposure makes it worse. Just as I start to get it under control, I go out into the sun and wham! It’s back. I have learned over the years though that I never leave the house without at least SPF 50 on my face, even under my make up. This has been a massive saver.


I had to focus purely on getting my pigmentation right before I could start looking at other issues. Being just over 40, I am seeing a few more lines than what was there before, so I try to mix my products a little and add something that will work for both. Back to my favorite Vitamin B3. Sometimes though you do still need an extra boost of actives to really clear up the skin.

This is where I love making my own potions in my lab. I have taken it for granted that I could whip up anything I wanted provided I had the right ingredients. To me, it was just a perk of being a cosmetic chemist. When I started The Cosmetics Chef, part of my desire was to let everyone have that perk. Why should it only be me? It’s so much more fun when more people get to share in the fun.


There are so many pros to making your own products, but for me, one of the best was that I could add the right amount of actives to make the product really work. Cosmetics can be little miracles in a bottle.

Let me try to explain it a different way. Imagine you are ill and the doctor prescribes medicine to you. He tells you to take 5 tablets a day for 3 days, then you will be better. You decide that you want to make the tablets last longer, so you only take one a day, and you stay sick. That is because you got too little of the medicine. In the right dosage, it is effective. Too little won’t have an effect.


Even if you think of energy drinks, a tiny drop of caffeine will hardly have any effect, but loaded with it and you are bouncing off the walls. Does that make sense?

Many beauty brands will make claims about ingredients to stand out on the shelf however the reality is that they will have minute amounts of the action in the product. One of my favorite descriptions – enriched with……That usually means there is a tiny drop in a ten-ton vessel. It barely makes it on to the ingredient listing. Then it makes sense why the product doesn’t work.


Active ingredients are expensive and the reason for putting as little as possible is to keep the cost down. When you make your own though – you can add as much as you like. You buy the ingredient at cost, not with all the extra margins, profit and marketing expenses the brands still add onto it.

When you buy a ready-made cake it always costs you more than buying the ingredients and baking it yourself. Same as buying take-a-way food or ready-made meals from a supermarket.


Cosmetics are no different. With the Ready-to-go kits, you are buying the ingredients to mix it yourself. Like a cake mix. You still need to add water, mix it and Voila! You have your own premium beauty product that is turbo loaded with active ingredients.

I have had the most amazing feedback from people who have made and used the kits. One lady has been battling with pigmentation and acne for years and nothing helped her. She started using the Skin Supreme Serum and her skin started clearing up after just a few weeks. She is still battling with acne scarring, but she can see a difference in her older scars. We now need to get her acne under control to prevent further scarring.


The rejuvenating day cream has also helped a few of my friends who battled with sun spots and fine lines.

There are so many kits to choose from. If you aren’t sure which to start with, contact me and we can chat about it and I will guide you.

Feel free to ask me anything and if I can’t answer you, I will find out for you. Even if one of the kits doesn’t help your concerns, let me know so that I can work on one and make it available to you.

Let’s start having fun with our skin care and make it our own. Time to take back control and make what we want, when we want and with whatever actives we want!

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